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The North Carolina attorneys at the McAdoo Law Group routinely act as local counsel for businesses, law firms, and out-of-state or non-litigation attorneys. Our attorneys are successful and experienced litigators in all North Carolina courts, both at the State and Federal levels. We act as a resource to general counsel for a business, a law firm, or an attorney to assist them in navigating the procedures of the Court systems, local customs and practices, and pro hac vice applications and procedures. We have assisted out-of-state attorneys who wished to maintain a close relationship with the client but were not licensed within this jurisdiction. We assist some of the biggest law firms in the United States that either did not have a North Carolina presence or that did have a North Carolina presence but wanted a firm that had a strong reputation and expertise in court systems and technical procedures.

Concerns When Retaining Local Counsel

Our approach is to be as little as our principle counsel needs. We can handle simple procedural assessments or filings draft and prepare the pleadings, briefs, and discovery if required. We will be present and/or available at all appearances and will do our best to accommodate the schedule of our principle counsel. We forward all correspondences or notices from the Court immediately and internally docket dates for redundancy protections for our clients and principal counsel.

Efficiency and Cost Control Is Critical

It can be unnerving to principle counsel or the client to hire local counsel. They worry that their costs will skyrocket, and communication or strategic delays may occur. This is what separates the litigation attorneys of McClanahan Powers. We are experienced in this relationship and in managing efficiencies. We closely follow the lead of principle counsel. Our adaptive approach to meeting their needs means that we do no more than is required by the Court rules and our principle. We are highly technical and respond promptly. This means that our principle attorneys get the information they need quickly and in the format and/or contribution they have requested. We are here to be a resource to you so that your client can succeed.

North Carolina Court Systems

With multiple offices in North Carolina, the firm assists a variety of corporate counsel, law firms, and attorneys nationwide as North Carolina local counsel in litigation through multiple court systems in North Carolina. Our attorneys are here to assist in successfully navigating the structures and systems in North Carolina and the respective State and Federal procedures. This is true even for their pro hac vice requirements and the Court's requirements as to the involvement of local counsel.

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